November 27, 2015

The Boost Controller Store

We’ve put together a store for everything mentioned on The Boost Life. All purchases go through Amazon and you do NOT pay anything extra to order here. A tiny portion of the sale gets kicked back to us to cover the funding of the site. If you are considering buying something, please consider buying it here. Thanks!

The Dawes Devices Hybrid (Elite) Boost Controller


The Turbosmart E-Boost.  If you want an electronic controller, nothing performs better and the cost is resonable.  Proven time and again!


The Ultimate Bible on Turbo Systems, Maximum Boost, by Corky Bell


The Best A/F (Air Fuel) Ratio Gauge!


The Sister Book to Maximum Boost, Supercharged! Also by Corky Bell, this one discusses belt-driven superchargers.


Every Installation of a Boost Controller should use Silicone hose. Silicone does not break down like rubber. If the hose to your boost controller fails, you will overboost and be picking up your engine parts off the street. We’ve used this stuff and it is VERY durable.





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