Dawes MBC Turbo Boost Curve

Dawes Devices Manual Boost Controller Review Part 2

Time to return to the Dawes Devices MKII Hybrid Boost Controller and see how it did with our test vehicle, a 2012 Subaru WRX STI graph and chart As I mentioned in the past, we have used Dawes Devices products many times over the years, for everything from a Shelby Dodge, to an SRT-4 Neon,[…]

Step by Step instructions to install an MBC

Manual Boost Controller (MBC) Installation overview

This is a very good overview of how to install a manual boost controller. A manual boost controller is an economical way to increase boost pressure.  Typically, you have to lift the hood to adjust an MBC, but they are quicker to respond and provide more area under the torque curve.  Really, the same instructions[…]

Dawes Hybrid

Dawes Devices Manual Boost Controller Review Part 1

A Review of what our team sees at the Best Manual Boost Controller, the Dawes Devices MK II Hybrid. OK, we’ve done something a bit unusual with our reviews.  We are reviewing our favorite electronic boost controller (below) and the best manual boost controller, first.  That kinda takes some of the surprise out of it, but[…]