Step by Step instructions to install an MBC

Manual Boost Controller (MBC) Installation overview

This is a very good overview of how to install a manual boost controller. A manual boost controller is an economical way to increase boost pressure.  Typically, you have to lift the hood to adjust an MBC, but they are quicker to respond and provide more area under the torque curve.  Really, the same instructions[…]

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Manual Boost Controller FAQ

So this is a starter Manual Boost Controller FAQ, based on questions received so far.  We will add to it as time goes on and republish occasionally.  Here’s what we have so far: I’ve been told that I can’t use a manual boost controller with my vehicle. Is it true that they don’t work on[…]

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Manual Boost Controller Install

This was written as a basic manual boost controller install guide. A starter guide, if you will.  A more complete version with detailed illustrations, will be coming in our E-Book.  It will work with a Hallman boost controller, a Turbo XS boost controller, or our favorite, the Dawes Devices Hybrid G-Valve.  We’ll be showing you[…]