Buying Your First Boost Controller

Here are a couple of quick tips and things to consider, when buying a boost controller, that we’ve learned from experience.

  1. Decide on whether you want a Manual Boost Controller, or an Electronic Boost Controller.  Each has its own advantage, which you can read about in our earlier posts.
  2. Pick a style of boost controller.  If you decide on a manual, you must pick from either a bleed type, or a ball-spring type.  If you decide on an electronic controller, you have a gauge pod type (round, mounts like a gauge), or a control panel type.  If all of this is confusing, sign up for our email list.  We are working on a detailed document, to help clarify all of these details.
  3. Third, Choose a vendor.   You might think, “hey, I can buy the product I want from 15 different places”.  Not so fast!  We have found everything from counterfeit products, to suppliers in the far east, that ship OEM products, but with no support.  Buying the cheapest price now, will often cost you more later on.  Especially if you have a problem with the install or the product itself.
  4. What we have found works best is to buy your boost controller DIRECTLY from the manufacturer, if possible.  With some of the big guys, you will often be redirected to their retail dealers.  If that happens, try to find one that deals ONLY in turbo accessories.  However, with the smaller guys, especially in the manual boost controller arena, you can usually go directly to the manufacturer.  An example of this is the company 3 Bar Racing Inc. at, or their sister site,  These guys are a small player volume wise, but they make a world class product.  If you have issues with the install, you can actually talk to the owner and the people who build the product.  Beware of the sites that carry 10 different product lines, or sell unrelated items like hoses and wheels.  You are unlikely to find an expert when you need them.

Hopefully, these tips will help to keep you out of trouble when buying your first boost controller.  Watch for our upcoming manual boost controller review.

Stay Tuned


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